Here's our story

We met in a space that doesn't belong to any Country, any Government or any Nation - and which belongs to every Country and every Nation. We met in the Internet and became very valuable to each other. We spent together a number of on-line hours, which probably only hackers or programmers spend, but we didn't see each other or even hear each others voices.
Then one of us decided he couldn't wait any more! - and from +40oC in Australia he came to -30oC in St.Petersburg.
32 days flew too quickly - and he had to leave Russia, and only them and God knew how they wished to be together in the moment they had to say "Goodbye" at "Pulkovo-2" airport in St.Petersburg, Russia. And how many hours they had to be apart until they met again - at Tullamarine Airport in Melbourne, Australia...

This is the very beginning of the story, and time will show what will happen after...

-- to be continued --


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