Robert James Mc Culloch

ADDRESS:42 Jumping Creek Road,
Telephone: (03) 9722 1649; (03) 9722 1974
Mobile: 0418 320 672

22 November 1948

Married with two sons, a stepson and stepdaughter, (all adult and living away from home).
DRIVERS LICENCE:Holder of Car, MultiCombination Truck and Holder of Car, MultiCombination Truck and Heavy Bus Licence.
No demerit points are recorded against the Licence. (RTA certificates attached)
TRADE LICENCES:Fork Lift Licence.
Dangerous Goods and Hardardous Goods Licences for Bulk Transport.
HEALTH:Perfect. Have had one day ill in the past seven years (with influenza). Have never had a Lost time injury or made a Workers Compensation claim. On 27th February, 1999 I passed a stringent medical examination at North Dandenong Industrial Clinic, Heatherton Road, Dandenong Morth.
INTERESTS:Scuba Diving - Qualified as a Master Scuba Diver in an amateur sense and Dive Master in a Professional sense. Hold a Rescue Diver Qualification and a Senior First Aid Certification from the "Professional Association of Diving Instructors".
Snow Skiing - Intermediate Standard.
Reading - Geographical and Marine/Natural History.
Very interested in Maritime History and Shipwrecks of the Australian Coast.
TRADE QUALIFICATIONS: Qualified Mechanic and Associate Member of the Australian Society of Automotive Engineers

TAFE qualified as a Furniture Removalist , to Department of Admin. Services standard, (Accreditation # C70972).

In house qualifications from Shell Co. of Australia Ltd. in the following: skills -
  • Vehicle Lubrication and Servicing
  • Electronic Engine Tuning
  • Electronic Fuel Injection Service and Repair
  • Air Conditioning Service and Repair
  • Electronic Wheel Alignment and Balancing.
EDUCATION HISTORY: 6 Yrs Victorian Primary Education
5 Yrs Victorian Secondary Education
1 Yr College Secondary Education
- Prince Edward at Salisbury in - Southern Rhodesia as a Rotary International Exchange student
1 Yr Post Secondary Night School for Victorian Matriculation certificate
EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: Victorian Leaving Certificate.
9 Subjects (Science and Maths Stream)
Associated Examining Board of London.
A Level - 3 Subjects (English, Maths & Physics) gained in Southern Rhodesia.
Victorian Matriculation Certificate. 4 Subjects (Humanities Stream)
PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: Shell Company of Australia Limited.
Area Management Course
- (9 months) Sales Sonics
Counselor Selling
Problem Solving with People
Problem and Decision Analysis
Potential Problem Analysis
Ship's/Shore Officer
Company Representation & Management -(4 months)
Commenced employment with Greens Removals and Storage as an Interstate Driver, initially for a week as a temporary driver. In fact a continuation of work I had been doing as an owner/operator. As Greens closed their interstate branches the trips required me to operate independently for 6 to 10 days and usually to obtain my own loading for the trip back to Melbourne.

Whilst working for Greens I utilised my Motor Mechanics Qualification repairing and servicing my 'own' vehicles with a rapid learning curve on heavy diesel trucks.

Gained my 'Multi Combination" Licence.

1997 In 1st July I resigned from Greens when the safety of their vehicles became a concern; plus other unprofessional activities on their part. I continued to drive interstate for Greens until they were able to replace me.

Undertook a relief assignment with 'Steve Brown Reefer Service' driving a "B" Double Kenworth K100G with Refrigerated Vans on the circuit Melbourne-Perth-Sydney-Brisbane-Melbourne while a driver was on Leave.

Whilst looking for appropriate employment I have been driving as a Temp. with Adecco/DriverLink of Dandenong Footscray and Preston. My assignments have been with, (among others) Michelin Tyres, Nestle' Peters (Freezer Vans), John Nash Transport (Fridge Vans, Containers, etc ) Nylex, Spicers Paper, Toll Automotive, Toll Express and SPD Linehaul, National Transport Logistics, G B Galvanizing (overlength steel), Banks Distribution (Containers and Volume vans), Castricum Bros Abbatoirs (Freezer Vans), Lyntek Linehaul, Mayne Logistics BHP Steel contract (overlength steel), Robert Harding Pty Limited (house and portable office relocations - overlength, overwidth and overheight permit loads.), K & S Logistics ( 'B' Double vehicles and 'self-loading' Pantechs), Linfox Transport, Konway Express, Refrigerated Roadways & etc

In 1955,at the age of seven I started an evening paper sales round for Mr Ken Ward the newsagent for Ringwood. My brother came into partnership with me in 1958 and we built up our 'round' to a state where we earned the same weekly wages as our father! I left the paper round in 1968 to travel to Rhodesia as a Rotary Exchange Scholar.
1960 Worked Saturday mornings for H.G. McLean Motors, the Volkswagon Dealer for Ringwood, de-waxing and pre-delivery cleaning imported vehicles. The highlight was that I drove the vehicles around the dealership. My employment ceased as their sales grew and a fulltime adult was employed.
1961 Employed by E.G. Hassett and Sons of Ringwood on Saturdays assembling Victa motor mowers from cartons and imported Howard rotary hoes from crates and pre-delivering these machines.
1962Employed by the Myer Emporium Ltd, as a part-time salesman on Saturday mornings and during School holidays. Left this job also to travel to Rhodesia.
1963 Spent the holidays after Christmas on an Uncles wheat and sheep property at Kerang carting harvested grains in an International Acco and dog-trailer to silos at Normanville . At sixteen I gained my first Licence; a South Australian 'Truck' Licence at Waikirie.
1967 Joined Shell Co. of Australia Limited. One year induction course and positions in Office Services, Finance, Operations, and Marketing.
1968 Seconded to Shell Company (Pacific Islands) Limited - 18 months posting to Bougainville, New Guinea from start up and operation of Sub-Installation for CRA/Bougainville Copper Contract to the training and establishment of indigenous staff. Gained my Heavy Truck & Trailer Licence, Heavy ForkLift certificate and a Crane chasers ticket.

Whilst at Bougainville I worked 9 Months for Kenneally's Transport as a full-time second job driving Mack rigid and Articulated Trucks carting Diesoline from the port site to the mountain top mine site. A 34 mile eight hour round trip in good weather conditions, all on dirt roads.

Completed 7 Month assignment as Field Surveyor for a feasibility study on the Computerization of Shell Papua New Guinea. The study entailed travel to each of the Installations in Papua New Guinea assessing staff capabilities and the need for computers.
1969 Gained my Heavy Truck & Multiple Trailer Licence
1970 For 4 months of this posting, as a second job, I was employed by Highlands Transport driving an Atkinson truck with a Semi-trailer plus Dog Trailer on the Highlands Highway, from Lae to Goroka and Mt. Hagen.
1970Spent 6 months as the Chief Clerk for Shell Pacific Islands at Port Moresby, a relief posting.

Appointed Melbourne based Services Liaison Officer for Shell Pacific Islands and Shell French Pacific Islands. Provided Technical, Distribution and Supply services and prepared Contacts and Tenders for submission.
1969 Commenced a six year part time job as a Cashier and becoming ultimately Manager of the Croydon Sunday Flea Market.
1974Accepted onto Area Manager Training Course for Shell Retail Marketing, a 4 month course; ie. Service Station Management through dealer network.
1977Appointed Senior Area Manager - Retail.
1979 Resigned from Shell mid 1979. Purchased and operated a mid range Shell Service Station in Camberwell as a tenant /proprietor.
1979Purchased Avis Rent a Car System franchise and operated in conjunction with the Service Station. The Avis franchise entailed several trips each month to drive all types of trucks 'home' from interstate one way rentals. For a time I was the only person in the Avis network who held an Articulated licence and returned all such vehicles back to Melbourne for their various owners.
1981 Won the Avis "Agent of the Year" award.
1988 Sold the Shell Service Station and continued with the Avis Franchise as the sole business.
1989 Took a 5-week 'holiday' and drove two round trips to Perth and a trip to Darwin driving a Kenworth COE as a Road Train with two trailers. The Owner of the vehicle obtained his Road Train licence when we reached Perth on the second trip!
1991 Resigned Avis Franchise - Avis reneged on their Franchise Vehicle Supply Agreement. In company with 12 other Franchisees litigated against Avis in the N.S.W. Equity Court.
1992 Whilst the Litigation was in progress I operated as a Furniture Removalist gaining work from advertisements in 'local papers' and using a Mitsubishi furniture van I had retained from the Avis franchise.

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