From: Me
    To: You
    Time: Mon, 24 Mar 2003
    Subject: Few words for peace - from the heart

    Revolution, you taught us
    To believe in Unfairness of Good,
    How many worlds do we burn every hour
    In the name of Your sacred fire?!
    "Revolution", by "DDT" (Russian rock group), 1988

    Why is it so obvious to me that this war is wrong... Isn't it a great idea - to clean our world from the terrorists and live happily ever after... But why does it sound so suspiciously familiar? It was Stalins' principal - "The End justifies the Means". It was the idea of Russian revolution: "Get rid of all bad guys, and we'll be living in a perfect crimeless world. Just kill all the bad guys, and also kill everybody who will follow the bad guys... and also - everybody who doesn't understand our sacred Idea about the perfect (democratic, communistic) world. No, it would be too cruel to kill the last ones, who doesn't understand the Idea, so, let's send them away from our sight (camps / prisons / detention centres), so, they don't disturb our perfect world. "The End justifies the Means". Does it? Does any Idea (democratic, communistic or religious) justify a tear of a child? a death of a human being? Who has the right to decide that this human being can be sacrificed to this Idea? Can anyone decide who is good guy and who is bad?.. ANYBODY who decides that he / she has this right, denies the very principals of humanism and democracy and opens the door wide for totalitarianism and fascism. The greatest idea of democracy collapses in the moment when a human being is killed in the name of this idea... Sadly, but it's what happening right now - people been killed in the name of the Great Democratic Idea, as they were killed in name of Great Communist Idea or killed in the name of God...

    The End NEVER justifies the Means. And we can't make anybody happy against their own will. It just doesn't work... Let's remember the lessons of our history. Let's learn to see clearly when the evil things are done in the name of Good. Let's think about it and don't let such things pass unnoticed. Let's have strength to resist - at least in our mind - the convenient thoughts like "maybe they are right if their purposes, intentions are good"... No, they are not. We are not, because if this is still happening it means we didn't do enough to prevent it. Let's do what we can. Don't sleep. Be aware.

    Thank you!

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